If you are part of an early-stage deep-technology project/ startup (and possibly also tired of being overlooked in favour of peers whose solutions are merely less sophisticated and hence easier to grasp), then the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is your platform to be heard, understood, and appreciated. We actively seek out and celebrate the best and brightest breakthrough solutions made possible with science and technology.


This is the world-renowned deep-technology competition that's been designed by scientist-entrepreneurs for scientist-entrepreneurs.


As you might have gleaned, we are a collective of optimists captivated by problem-solving, by possibilities, by a resolve to raise that bar on our future. So simply articulate the problem you're solving and the promise your solution holds.



Make yourself heard, and in return gain invaluable feedback from our curated jury of global and regional experts. Take advantage of the only deep technology-focused network of this magnitude - one that's hungry to collaborate, invest, and above all, adopt. There is power in the meeting of great minds, so let's harness this and together engineer the future it is we seek.


Apart from the prizes available at the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, if you are headquartered in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong or Taiwan, you automatically qualify for the Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Challenge, too! This year, we are a partner competition to SLINGSHOT 2019.

            Regional Challenge finalists based outside of Singapore receive return flights to participate in and pitch at the Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit 2019 (7 November, Singapore)

            3 winners of the Regional Challenge will each receive S$50,000 cash grants (courtesy of Enterprise Singapore), and return flights to attend the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2020 (12-13 March, Paris, France)

            1 winner of the Regional Challenge will be selected by Enterprise Singapore to fast-track to the SLINGSHOT 2019 Finals


Sadly, the application window has now closed. If you're feeling the ache of having missed this opportunity to compete, fret not - keep an eye out for next year's edition! Follow us on Linkedin for updates. 

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