Gallery Theatre

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The National Museum of Singapore

0900 - 0930

Registration and Coffee 

0930 - 1000

Opening Remarks

Ernest Xue, Head, Hello Tomorrow Singapore

HE. Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France to Singapore

Dr. Tan Wu Meng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Trade and Industry, Republic of Singapore

Session 1: Future Cities

1000 - 1020

Future Cities Keynote

Designing Tomorrow

What if tomorrow never comes? Many are excited by the visions of tomorrow, but wonder about the next steps and worry about the obstacles ahead.

As cities in our region - including some of the largest - rapidly urbanise, our infrastructure, systems, and institutions will come under immense pressure. From real estate, environment, and transportation, to the way we work, live, and learn, we will have to decide what to keep and what to change to meet the ever-growing needs of both cities and citizens.

This keynote will focus on emerging developments that are yet to be widely discussed, but ought to be. They point to how cities and citizens are designing systems and institutions at the intersection of people, technology, and culture. They show how we could start designing the next steps to overcome obstacles so that tomorrow's visions become a reality.

Poon King Wang, Director, Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, Singapore University of Technology and Design


1020 - 1040

Future Cities Keynote

The Future of Transportation - a Modular Self-driving Ecosystem

The world of transportation is going to be disrupted by self-driving technology, but robotics and artificial intelligence can be used in a better way rather than just removing the human driver. NEXT Future Transportation is creating a modular ecosystem of collaborative pods which are able to physically join and detach in motion, and to redistribute people and cargo to optimize traffic and consumption

Tommaso Gecchelin, Founder, Next Future Transportation 

1040 - 1135

Future Cities Panel 

Coming Together or Coming Apart?



Tommaso Gecchelin, Founder, Next Future Transportation 

Maxime Cassat, Managing Director, EDF Future Lab 


Poon King Wang, Director of Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, Singapore University of Technology and Design



Cities have historically brought people together. But yet recent global developments suggest that even as more of us move to and live in cities, we are increasingly living separate lives. How can we ensure that the innovations we develop for cities do not separate - even splinter us, but also bring us together? What can we do so that we do not stand alone, but will instead choose to stand together to tackle the urban challenges we all face?

Dr. Remo Burkhard, Singapore-ETH Centre Managing Director

Session 2: Food & Agriculture (IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GROW ASIA)

1135 - 1155

Food & Agriculture Keynote

Taking The Brakes Off  Of Our World's Oldest Industry

Guy Hudson, Executive Director, Sparklabs Cultiv8

While there has been strong focus over recent years on the transformation of how we create, distribute and consume food, the realities are not quite the same as the sounds bites and technology videos. In this session Guy will guide us on a journey of understanding on how we can accelerate the proliferation of new technologies more widely, driving benefits for both farmers and the environment. This session will use illustrative examples of key technologies and the go-to-market approach they are using to create strong sustainable growth.

1155 - 1215

Food & Agriculture Keynote

Those Who Feed Us, Need Us

Aukrit Unahalekhaka, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (Thailand), Ricult

Seventy-five percent of the world’s poor living under $2/day are smallholder farmers in developing countries. This problem is especially true in Asia where majority of the population at the bottom of the pyramid are these smallholder farmers. The root problems are similar across the region, be it a lack of financial access, low productivity, or no market access. In this talk, Aukrit , will share how Ricult is solving these problems through deep technologies such as satellite technology and machine learning. Ricult's technology is already being used by farmers in Thailand and Pakistan and is creating positive social impact to the rural community.

1215 - 1310

Food & Agriculture Panel

Resolution to Revolution - Translating Stratospheric Advancements Back Down to Earth

Aukrit Unahalekahka, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (Thailand), Ricult


Hitesh Upadhyay, Asia Pacific Leader, IBM Watson Media and Weather


Grace Gee, Machine Learning Researcher at Enveritas | Thiel and YC Fellow


Paul Voutier, Director of Knowledge and Innovation, Grow Asia



ASEAN is home to some 100 million small farms. Better data on these farms could unlock significant value for logistics operators, traders and the farmers themselves. Remote sensing, linked with the power of machine learning has the potential to provide valuable insights at scale, and importantly at a very low cost per farm. The panellists will discuss specific new technologies they are already applying in their businesses, and the new partnerships we will need to empower some of poorest and disconnected families in the region.

Session 3: Industry 4.0

1310 - 1330

Industry 4.0 Keynote

Rediscovering Growth - In Quest of the Factory of the Future

How will the rise of new digital industrial technology increase productivity, shift economics, foster industrial growth, and modify the profile of the workforce - ultimately changing the competitiveness of companies and regions?

Lim Yew Heng, Partner and Managing Director, BCG

1330 - 1425

Industry 4.0 Panel 

Man & Machine in the 4th Industrial Revolution

We look to innovations from Industry 4.0 to drive productivity increases comparable to those generated by the introduction of the steam engine in the Industrial Revolution. The sheer magnitude of our region’s manufacturing industry has us contemplating this frontier across industrial biotech, robotics and logistics. How can and should research and industry intersect to drive these gains beneficial to all?



Lim Yew Heng, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Jim Tobojka, Senior Vice President GSC EAJP, Schneider Electric

Dr. Suracha Udomsak, Emerging Business and R&D Director, SCG Chemicals

Sebastien Giard, Smart and Innovative Operations - Transformation Director, Air Liquide



Quek Khor Ping, Visiting Senior Fellow, National University of Singapore


Session 4: Healthcare

1425 - 1445

Healthcare Keynote

Farhana Nakhooda, Director, Healthcare and Social Services, IBM

Strides across numerous facets from diagnostics and health biotechnology to medical devices and precision medicines have resulted in huge improvements in the access to and quality of healthcare solutions. Bolstered by exponential growth in supporting technologies, healthcare as we know it is evolving – What are the deep-tech advancements that will impact us all, rural and urban populations alike?

1445 - 1505

Healthcare Keynote

Realising N-of-1 Medicine and Drug Development

Personalized medicine is moving us closer to more precise, predictable and powerful medicine, customized for the individual patient. Just as how no two patients are alike and bodies evolve during treatment, therapies need to be dynamically adapted. How can we harness AI to transform digital health at the single patient level?

Dr. Dean Ho, Professor and Director, SINAPSE

1505 - 1600

Health Care Panel

The Global Transformation of Healthcare

From the most advanced cities to rural provinces in poor countries, new technologies are transforming healthcare systems everywhere. What is the global landscape of biotech, medtech, and digital health innovation? What are the emerging developmental pathways that will drive the next generation of healthcare in our region?

Dr. Danny Belkin, Technology Development & Commercialisation Director, SERI



Michel Birnbaum, Entrepreneur in Residence, NTUitive


Bruno Occhipinti, Strategy & New Business Development Director, APAC, Philips

William Greene, Healthcare Journalist and Founder at Tigermine




Farhana Nakhooda, Director, Healthcare and Social Services, IBM

1600 - 1700

Rocket Science, But Not Rocket Science - Deep-Tech Growth, Adoption, Impact

Deep Technologies hold the promise of making quantum leaps for the betterment of humankind, but faces severe headwinds. Characterised by long gestation periods and elaborate integration processes, commercialising these exponential technologies requires a well-aligned ecosystem comprising thoughtful efforts of a committed group of diverse players. What should be our approach?



Dr. Freddy Boey, Senior Vice President (Graduate Education & Research Translation), NUS

Ernest Xue, Head of Hello Tomorrow Singapore

Dr. Fabien Cabirol, APAC Director of Business Development, L’Oréal Research & Innovation


Peter Lemmens, Director of imec Innovation Services and GM, imec 


Julien Mialaret, Operating Partner, Idinvest


Pang Heng Soon, Head of Venture Building, SGInnovate




We live in a complex world and are surrounded by complex systems. From a biological cell, made of thousands of different molecules that seamlessly work together, to our global society; a collection of seven billion individuals that try to work and live together. These complex systems display endless signatures of order, disorder, self-organization and self-annihilation. We invent, innovate, adapt and adopt, but we often miss the bigger picture by looking at the parts. Understanding this intrinsic complexity is one of the biggest scientific challenges of our time. In this talk Join us as we discuss recent insights from complexity science that will help us to get a grip on these multifaceted intricacies that underpin our society.

1700 - 1740

Closing Keynote

A Grip on Complexity

Dr. Peter Sloot, Full Professor of Complex Adaptive Systems, Scientific Director Institute for Advanced Study and Professor of Numerical Physics at UvA, Director of Complexity Institute, Singapore, Professor of Advanced Computing at ITMO

1740 - 1830

Finale of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge SEA x HK Finals

Come watch the best and brightest deep technology startups from the region make their final presentations on how they are changing our world for the better.

1830 till late

Networking Drinks and Summit After-Party

Hosted by SGInnovate and Hello Tomorrow

The Armoury

36 Beach Road, Singapore 189677

Transportation will be provided from the National Museum

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